Calcium Carbonate MB

High Quality Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

proSungbo Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatches are granulated Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) in a polymer base. They offer a convenient way of incorporating CaCO3 in thermoplastics, without contamination by dust.

Sungbo filler masterbatches can be added to most of polyolefins improving some of the polymer properties and offering economic advantages. Manufactured with special formulations of Sungbo, they have perfect dispersion and optimized flow properties, ensuring easy processing in most industrial processes.

Sungbo filler masterbatches are widely used in applications such as injection moulding, blow moulding, sheet, packing strap, raffia, film, and pipe.

Economic Advantages

The most interesting economic advantage to be gained by the addition of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch to polyolefins results from the improved thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity, the less energy and time is required to heat up or cool down the plastic mixture. Therefore, the injection moulding cycle time can be shortened and the output of an extruder increased.
You can also reduce petrochemicals usage as much as our filler masterbatch usage,  leading to cost reduction.

Benefits in processing

Main benefits of using Sungbo filler masterbatch include:

  • Improved thermal conductivity of the polymer
  • Improved Flexural modulus
  • Increase in stiffness
  • Improved dart drop
  • Shrinkage prevention
  • More isotropic physical properties
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Higher heat distortion temperature under load
  • Reduction in minimum seal temperature, easier printing



Typical molding applications for Sungbo filler masterbatches include:

  • home appliances, toy, tray, crate, container, furniture, outdoor storage
  • bottle, cap, water tank
  • Raffia, woven sack, cable filler yarn, tarpaulin
  • industrial Film, agricultural Film, garbage sack, carrier bag, heavy duty sack
  • Corrugated pipe
  • disposals, dairy cups, sheet for automotive industry

Sungbo has been in this industry for more the three decades and is top rated manufacturer in South Korea for calcium carbonate filler masterbatches. We are always updated with the latest technology and industry standards enabling us to deliver high quality products. Our in-depth understanding of the needs and developments of the market ensures that we always offer cost-effective solutions to meet demands of industries such as injection, band, sheet, woven bag, film, and etc., across the world. We have received several awards including the most Promising Exporter and Most Outstanding Business in Small & Medium size company range for several years.