Top Rated Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Manufacturer in Korea

We have been rated one of the leading manufacturer and supplier for calcium carbonate masterbatch in South Korea. We believe that customer satisfaction is our highest priority hence we are always updated with latest industry standards to ensure every product batch delivered is of high quality and meets your expectations. We are always updated with the latest technology and our in-depth understanding of the needs of the market enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Since inception in 1979 our commitment and passion towards service has helped us become a leading supplier of calcium carbonate white masterbatch in South Korea. We supply products to more than 30 countries and are continuously expanding our market reach.

Why Choose Us

  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certification acquired
  • Awarded “Most Promising Exporter” for several year in-line
  • Awarded “Most Outstanding Business” in Small & Medium size company range for several years
  • Recognized for maintaining a clean workplace by the Ministry of Labor and the Korean Occupational Safety & Health Agency
  • In 2008, Awarded “Industrial Medal of 5 million Dollar Export Tower at the 45rd Annual Trade Day


Application Grade Datasheet MSDS
Injection moulding K-140 Download Download
CALPET-D Download Download
Pipes & Fittings CALPET-D Download Download
Blow Moulding HI-LENE F850LF Download Download
HI-LENE F820LF Download Download
HI-LENE F800LF Download Download
Packing strap/Sheet CALPET-D Download Download
CALPET-SPNW Download Download
HI-LENE PSW Download Download
Raffia/Tarpaulin/Yarn CALPET-SPN Download Download
CALPET S-7 Download Download
HI-LENE F850SF Download Download
HI-LENE F820SF Download Download
HI-LENE F800SF Download Download
Raffia/Tarpaulin coating CALPET-SPS Download Download
HI-LENE 800C Download Download
Film/Garbage bag HI-LENE F850LF Download Download
HI-LENE F820LF Download Download
HI-LENE F800LF Download Download