Film/Garbage bag

최종2Sungbo manufactures filler masterbatches which are specifically designed for eco-friendly film applications. These grades are based on Calcium carbonate with a very fine primary particle. Films made of Sungbo filler masterbatches can be incinerated. The film has lower heat of combustion when incinerated compared to film made of common resins. Also, dioxin, sulfur gas and chlorine gas become neutralized when incinerated, which significantly decreases the corrosion of incinerator and prevents air pollution.

Sungbo masterbatches are appropriate for Matt finish, opaque film.

Typical applications for Sungbo filler masterbatches for film are: Agricultural and horticultural film, garbage bags, heavy duty sacks and carrier bags. Sungbo filler masterbatch specially developed to be incorporated into polyethylene blown film improves both productivity and physical properties.

nbBlown Film Extrusion

The main benefits in production include:

  • Increased specific output
  • Faster heating and cooling
  • Increased line speed
  • Better homogeneity
  • Enhanced machine uptime

The main benefits to the end-product include:

  • Reduced raw material costs
  • Potentiality for down-gauging
  • Higher stiffness
  • Improved dart drop
  • Improved tear resistance
  • Improved barrier properties


Grade Datasheet MSDS Reference
HI-LENE F850LF Download Download film/garbage bag
HI-LENE F820LF Download Download film/garbage bag
HI-LENE F800LF Download Download film/garbage bag