Injection Moulding

최종2Sungbo filler masterbatches are widely used in injection. Manufactured with high quality of Calcium carbonate, Sungbo provide a solution for most applications without compromising a component’s mechanical properties. Outstanding cost performance, increased throughput rates due to faster mould cooling, higher resistance to heat deflection, higher rigidity and stiffness, and improved dimensional stability can be obtained through using Sungbo products.

Injection Moulding

Using calcium carbonate in injection molding is a proven solution for improving product properties and productivity. It is widely used in furniture, household appliances and in the automotive industry. The main benefits of using Calcium carbonate masterbatches include:

  • Higher stiffness
  • Improved impact strength
  • Less shrinkage
  • More isotropic physical properties
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Higher heat distortion temperature under load
  • Reduced cycle time due to faster cooling

Typical molding applications for Sungbo filler masterbatches include home appliances, toy, tray, crate, container, furniture, outdoor storage

Grade Datasheet MSDS Reference
K-140 Download Download big size moulds
CALPET-D Download Download small size moulds