최종2Sungbo also has filler masterbatches designed to meet the requirements of yarn extrusion. This leads to increased yarn extrusion efficiency as it has anti-slipping effect at bobbins due to its roughness and reduced filter blocking enabling Sungbo filler masterbatch users to perform long problem free production runs. Sungbo understands the demands of continuous extrusion process of yarn and supplies grades that reduce yarn breakages and maintain tenacity.

Raffia/Tarpaulin/Cable filler yarn

Calcium carbonate is conventionally used in PE or PP woven bags to offer anti-splitting and anti-fibrillation effects. Sungbo filler masterbatches offer:

  • Reduced splitting propensity of oriented polypropylene
  • Increased stiffness
  • Reduced delustering
  • Reduced raw material consumption


Grade Datasheet MSDS
CALPET-SPN Download Download
CALPET S-7 Download Download


Cable filler yarn

Grade Datasheet MSDS
HI-LENE F850SF Download Download
HI-LENE F820SF Download Download
HI-LENE F800SF Download Download