Talc MB

High Quality Talc Masterbatch


Sungbo Talc masterbatches are granulated Talc in a polymer base. Our talc masterbatches offer an efficient way of incorporating Talc in thermoplastics without making dust.

Sungbo Talc masterbatch can be added to most of polyolefins, improving physical properties of end-products. With special Sungbo formula, we ensure easy processing in most industrial processes.


Benefits in processing

Main benefits of using Sungbo filler masterbatch include:

  • Improved stiffness and Flexural modulus
  • Improved impact strength
  • Less shrinkage
  • More isotropic physical properties
  • Higher heat distortion temperature under load
  • Higher extrusion productivity
  • Reduced cooling time in mold and improved cycles
  • Improved forming accuracy 


Typical applications for Sungbo Talc masterbatches include:

  • Automobile parts
  • Home appliances
  • Building materials
  • Food containers
  • Stationery products