Sungbo Talc masterbatch is used for sheet and film extrusion.

Extrusion Moulding

The main benefits of using Sungbo Talc masterbatch include:

  • Reduced cooling time in mold and improved cycles
  • Improved stiffness and Flexural modulus
  • Less shrinkage
  • More isotropic physical properties
  • Improved forming accuracy

Typical appliances for Sungbo Talc masterbatch include food containers, disposable trays, corrugated sheets and etc., Applied to film, it performs as anti-blocking agent and offers high transparency unlike CaCO3 masterbatches.

Sheet / Film

Grade Base Resin Datasheet MSDS Reference
TALFIN-701TP PP Download Download 70% Talc Content
TALFIN-701TE PE Download Download 70% Talc Content
TALFIN-601TS PS Download Download 60% Talc Content
TALFIN-751TPS BLOCK PP Download Download Talc+CaCO3