Quality Management System

Sungbo sets forth a commitment to “respect our customers’ viewpoints in striving to deliver product quality and customer service that exceed their expectations.” To this end, Sungbo promotes continuous, decisive efforts to enhance product quality and to reinforce its quality management system.

Sungbo’s Quality Management System

Sungbo is recently reconfiguring its quality management system by reviewing its quality management mechanisms across all processes, from development, planning, and manufacturing through to sales and service; redefining the roles, responsibilities and authority of those responsible for product and service quality; and establishing guidelines to guarantee an appropriate level of quality. Based on this new quality management system, Sungbo has developed a framework and is implementing measures on an ongoing basis to improve the quality of its products and services.

  • Appoint the person in Charge of Product Quality and has tasked them with coordinating efforts to improve product and service quality and ensure timely responses to problems
  • QC manager coordinate with sales departments in markets where Sungbo products are sold and monitor market response on product quality continuously.
  • Formulate mid-term and fiscal year quality targets, as well as key quality-related indicators for business plans. And subsequently devise their own fiscal year quality targets and QC-oriented business plans, in line with which they continue to promote quality improvement initiatives.
  • Hold regular Quality Strategy Meetings, attended by top management, which function as the ultimate decision-making authority for quality, to deliberate and decide on policy, strategies and targets related to product quality, as well as key measures to further improve quality.
  • Held regular Quality Officer Meetings, attended by business unit Quality Officers, to evaluate the progress of quality-oriented business plans, promote initiatives aimed at achieving targets, and debate specific activities and responses to quality-related issues and shared challenges. And share information on initiatives for increasing product quality in each region and to share challenges and efforts.
  • Formulate quality standards applicable to products and related services, focusing on such criteria as product safety and performance, labeling and services. These standards are updated continuously to reflect technological advances, changes in applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and social changes.
  • Report to the Corporate Executive when receiving information about an incident involving a Sungbo product that affects customer or has the potential to do so. Based on these reports, the Corporate Executive provides the necessary follow-up and instructs the relevant divisions to investigate the incidents and respond appropriately to the customer.