Responding to the Customer

Sungbo makes active use of customer feedback to improve its products and services. Opinions, reports after purchase, questions regarding use and other feedbacks are evaluated promptly and accurately and disseminated to the management and quality control department so that improvements in product quality can be made in a timely fashion.

It is vital to detect product quality-related problems as early as possible. To that end, Sungbo gathers product quality-related information, including reports of problems, as well as opinions from Sungbo employees. Employees can send messages regarding such matters as issues that are too difficult to handle at their workplace and problems concerning the quality from the customer’s perspective. Upon investigating a problem to ascertain the veracity of the information received, Sungbo introduces measures to prevent previous problems from recurring and precluding potential new problems.

As these initiatives indicate, Sungbo is wholeheartedly committed to improving product and service quality from the customer’s perspective with the aim of maintaining and enhancing customers’ satisfaction, reliability and trust.